Pain Care Yoga Toronto

Propel Physiotherapy, Etobicoke ON

This workshop provides in-depth integration of pain science, innovative pain self-management techniques, yoga philosophy and yoga practices. Participants will gain a solid foundation in pain science, and in yoga philosophy related to pain and pain management. Daily yoga practices will assist the practitioner to begin integration of Pain Care Yoga principles into their clinical or therapeutic practice.

No yoga experience required.

Come to learn more about:

            : pain anatomy, biology, physiology, psychology

            : how suffering impacts every aspect of our existence

            : how we can use the body, the mind, and the environment to increase evidence of safety

            : how to use ‘moving with ease’ as both a pain education tool and analgesic.


SCHEDULE  is different Friday and weekend

FRIDAY NOON – 7                          SAT AND SUNDAY 7:30-4:00

We start each day with 1 hour of gentle movement, combined with awareness and self regulation practices


For information and Registration, contact