Pain Science Innovations – Nelson, BC

Rise BC Wellness Centre

Spend two days learning of advances in basic pain science, clinical outcome studies, and therapeutic innovations.
Decrease your clinical stress and improve treatment adherence by practising delivery of consistent patient education throughout your clinical interventions.
Learn how to effectively provide brief scripts of pain science education, and to integrate these with the effectiveness of your therapeutic and medical interventions, including manual therapies, exercises, and other modalities.
Benefits of this course:
1. Improved ability to provide consistent pain education messages throughout all treatment interventions.
2. Application of self-care techniques to positively impact patient recovery through the autonomic nervous system and interoceptive inputs.
3. Learn how to focus on ‘moving with more ease’ as a therapeutic intervention.

Day 1 of this course will focus on recent research. From the dorsal horn interneurons, to glia in muscles and the brain, and to the power of clinical rituals, new findings can be used to enhance our work. We will also review the significance of the Porges’ Polyvagal theory and Craig’s interoceptive research.
Day 2 provides practical applications, specifically considering options when people in pain are not responding as expected to your care. Within case studies and group discussions, we will review new views of barriers to recovery, and physical therapy interventions to overcome these.

More information and registration coming soon