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Finding Ways to Move with More Ease Will Help Reduce Persistent Pain

  • Movement itself can be an analgesic
  • Moving with ease is not simple or straight-forward
  • Moving with ease is not the answer to pain care, but part of the answer for most of us.

The First 5 Steps of Pain Care for Life will start you on your path towards making ‘moving with ease’ a reality.

Please consider these three statements.

  • Pain is changeable.
  • There IS hope for recovery.
  • People in pain who find ways to move or exercise with ease, add a highly effective technique to their pain care toolkit.

Moving with more ease isn’t just the goal, it is an integral aspect of your path towards successful pain care. Start with our First 5 Steps, or move right to the full Pain Care for Life curriculum as effective paths to recovery. Many people report less pain, better functional movement and improved quality of life.

"Our small GP clinic has had great success with patients attending a Chronic Pain Group Medical Visit (GMV) with a Physiotherapist who is experienced in treating Chronic Pain and their GP. We all learned a lot about Chronic Pain, about living with it, about different ways of understanding chronic pain and about what we can do to reduce suffering. It is easily one of the best therapeutic and most satisfying, professionally rewarding interactions I have had with these patients. It can take a leap of faith to try do a Chronic Pain GMV but it can have a remarkable impact on everyone who attends and I highly recommend taking that leap.

It starts a dialogue, it allows people to begin to understand what pain is, how it can be understood, managed, and improved. We learned a great deal from each other, professionally, as caregivers, and as people living with chronic pain. It has been remarkable over the subsequent year since starting these GMVs that the usual course of chronic pain care has morphed from battles over opiate use, the sometimes intolerable side effects of marginally helpful adjunctive meds, to one of discussing and pursuing other options for dramatic change. And group members can see that they are not alone in their suffering and struggles, and not alone in searching for improvement and they love hearing the many successes that have occurred within the groups."

Dr. Jeff Harries, GP, Penticton, B.C. 2014

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