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Neil Pearson’s

Professional Pain Care

Distance Mentorship Program

Begins September 12, 2018


Who can apply?

  • Health professionals
  • Yoga teachers or therapists. Completion of the Pain Care Yoga certificate, or equivalent is recommended.

Registration is open … for Sep 2018 – Jun 2019 cohort

… complete the application form, cost and further details of monthly requirements. Applicants will complete an interview with Neil to discuss mentorship requirements and mentee goals. Completed applications will be accepted this year on first come, first accepted basis.

2018 PC Mentorship Application form


Receive distance education and mentorship to enhance your therapeutic outcomes when working with people living in pain.

Explore a broad range of scientific and clinical perspectives on pain and pain care, while gaining personal experience and instructing your clients in evidence-based pain care techniques.

Monthly live webinars and one-one feedback calls guide your deep exploration of current understanding of pain, of people living in pain, and of providing effective pain management, whether you are working as a private practitioner or within a pain care team.

Your commitment … approx. 7 hours per week of study, and completion of monthly reports (e.g., book reviews, case studies, personal insights with pain care techniques, research paper reviews).


Learn from Neil Pearson

  • a clinician with over 30 years experience as a PT in hospitals, pain management centres and private practices
  • an educator who has effectively brought this knowledge to MDs, people in pain, and health professionals in Canada, USA and internationally
  • an advocate who is the founding chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division, member of the first Canadian Pain Summit and previous director of Pain BC
  • a recipient of national and provincial awards for his education and clinical work
  • an innovator of resources for people in pain and the professionals who serve them


Explore new ways of helping people in pain while improving your therapeutic outcomes, and decreasing the stress of working with people with this most-difficult and often long-lasting condition.

  • Monthly 3 hour webinars, 1-1 phone call, and feedback on homework reports
  • Approximately 7 hours of study, personal practice and practicum work each week
  • Become up to date on current research and theory
  • Gain insights from peer professionals enrolled in the mentorship program
  • Learn how to use Neil’s clinical resources
  • Learn how to organize and guide group pain education sessions
  • Receive distance mentorship in clinical diagnosis, treatment planning and outcome measures
  • Join the Pain Care U community


Cost: $3900 plus 5% gst (Canadian)

: payable in three instalments (registration date, Nov. 30 and Mar. 30) or monthly instalments


Primary Learning Outcomes:

  1. Improve knowledge in assessing and providing effective treatment for people living with persistent pain.
  2. Enhance your skill set and gain expertise of others who are working with people with persistent pain.
  3. Guide people in pain to greater ease of movement, less pain and improved quality of life.


Continuing education hours – 300

  • Contact – 38
  • Practicum – 62
  • Non-contact – 200
  • (Note that weekly commitment is less in December)


Grading/ Completion Requirements:

: personal and client worksheets – monthly

: on-time completion of worksheets, reviews, …

: evaluation of final case study presentation

: final essay on personal practice of Pain Care principles and techniques

: evaluation of education video and MP3 recording

: on-time receipt of course fees


What is received:

: Professional Pain Care certificate

: completion of a step toward becoming a Pain Care Teacher

: practical clinical benefits …

: mentorship through conference calls, monthly 1-1 calls with Neil, home study, personal practice, case studies (2) and group education

: personal access to Neil’s patient education resources, plus access for your case study clients

: graduates can list their name, profile, therapeutic Pain Care classes and one-one offerings on Neil’s website

: graduates can apply to complete the process of becoming a Pain Care trainer (dependent on non-compete with other PCY trainers)