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Life Is Now offers workshops, lectures and conference presentations to health professionals, yoga teachers and people in pain – providing current understanding of pain science, the lived experience of pain, and evidence-based self care techniques. Knowledge is powerful. Pain care techniques are also powerful – when we know why they work, and how they should be practiced. Whether it is a 1 hour lecture or two-day intensive workshop, you will leave with practical tools to improve your success in pain care, and an understanding of how to incorporate these into your pain care plans.

Cutting Edge Advancements in Pain Science and its Clinical Applications – UBC Kelowna

Spend two days learning of advances in basic pain science, clinical outcome studies, and physical therapy treatment innovations. Decrease your clinical stress and improve treatment adherence by practising delivery of consistent patient education throughout your clinical interventions. Learn how to effectively provide brief scripts of pain science education, and to integrate these with the effectiveness of your manual therapies, exercises, and modalities.

Benefits of this course:

1.Improved ability to provide consistent pain education messages throughout all treatment interventions.

2.Application of PT techniques to positively impact patient recovery through the autonomic nervous system and interoceptive inputs.

3.New options for guiding people in pain to learn how to move with more ease in the face of pain


Day 1 of this course will focus on recent research. From the dorsal horn interneurons, to glia in muscles and the brain, and to the power of clinical rituals, new findings can be used to enhance our work. We will also review the significance of the Porges’ Polyvagal theory and Craig’s interoceptive research.

Day 2 provides practical applications, specifically considering options when people in pain are not responding as expected. Within case studies and group discussions, we will review new views of barriers to recovery, and physical therapy interventions to overcome these.


Private education workshop

Pain Science and Innovative Rehab for national rehab company in Vancouver

WorkSafe BC

Yearly WorkSafe BC Provider conference

Plenary and practical session on pain and recovering function with a sensitized nervous system.


Details here - 

Advanced Pain Care Yoga retreat

Advanced Pain Care Yoga

Dates: June 19-24, 2017


Develop expertise in advanced pain care therapeutics. This five-day program moves beyond foundational principles of Pain Care Yoga and focuses on two key areas that will enhance your work. You will experience and practice therapeutic techniques, specific to common chronic pain problems and the compassionate meditative heart of yoga.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss pathophysiologic and yogic views of common regional pain problems.
  2. Explore and experience techniques beyond the foundational practices to gain a deeper skillset including conscious mindful actions specifically to help manage pain and or psycho/spiritual suffering, mindful goal setting and conscious creation of thoughtful intentions involving personal affirmations, and ritual for better long term outcomes.
  3. Begin to better understand the spirit of consciousness and awareness in pain care
  4. Enhance facilitation techniques for individual and group settings.
  5. Practice teaching and improve your client interactions through mentoring and peer-feedback.


Daily Topics

Low back pain - flexion aggravated, extension-aggravated SIJ

Neck, upper back, shoulder

OA hip and knee

RA and migraines

Fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis


Daily flow – 8 hours with half days Wed and Sat.

First hour – asana class

Three hours in morning – instruction and experience of techniques

Three hours in afternoon– instruction and experience of techniques

Final hour – work in triads to experience teaching and receive feedback


Intended Participants: Health professionals, yoga therapists, and yoga teachers wishing to enhance their current work with people in pain. And students working on completing the Pain Care Yoga Specialist Certificate Training.
EARLY BIRD Special~ $795 ~ if registered before April 17th, $940 for ALL registrations after April 17th, no exceptions.
#getyouraddeddiscount ~ PCY Certificate holders will receive a $100 rebate given at time of retreat To qualify for Pain Care Yoga certification follow this link ~
Training Facilitators Neil Pearson, Physiotherapist, C-IAYT, ERYT500, Clinical Professor University of BC and Swami Swarupananda, Lisa Bergly , C-IAYT, ERYT500

Yoga Therapy International training in Vancouver

Contact Maggie Reagh and Yoga Therapy International, one of the few accredited Yoga Therapy training programs in Canada.

Neil will cover pain science, anatomy, physiology of the MSK systems and pathophysiology over 5 days for the students of the program.

Yoga for Pain Care Teacher Training, North Vancouver

Pain Care Yoga Teacher Training, North Vancouver

Join Tianne Allan for this training crafted especially for yoga teachers interested in learning how to understand and help their students more when they report pain during yoga ad asana.

Learn about pain science, acute and chronic pain, the lived experience of pain, and how to provide the many aspects, techniques and practices of yoga to help your students find the right challenge, the best yoga-based pain 'control', and daily respite from suffering.


Marriage celebrations

Neil and Lisa wed in the beautiful Okanagan amidst family and friends

Neil attending Kripalu Pain and Yoga conference

This conference features Lorimer Moseley, Fadel Zeiden, Sat Bir Khalsa, Judy Foreman, Jill Satterfield, Marlysa Sullivan, Lisa Bergly and many others bridging health care and yoga.

I won't be setting any workshops during this time, and recommend that all attend this incredible gathering of minds.


Pain Care Yoga Calgary

This workshop provides in-depth integration of pain science, innovative pain self-management techniques, yoga philosophy and yoga practices. Participants will gain a solid foundation in pain science, and in yoga philosophy related to pain and pain management. Daily yoga practices and pain self-management skills acquisition will ready the practitioner to begin integration of Pain Care Yoga into their clinical or therapeutic practice.


Health care practitioners, yoga teachers (RYT200 or equivalent required) and yoga therapists are encouraged to attend this retreat. Please consider encouraging a member of your local health care community or yoga community to register with you, thus enhancing the integration of western pain care and therapeutic yoga.


Completion of this workshop is one of the pre-requisites toward completion of the Pain Care Yoga certifications, and involvement in the Pain Care mentorship process.

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