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Pain Care Provider

Professional resources – an online pain educational facilitation package; patient handouts; MP3s; ebooks, and discounts to Pain Care products – all to improve the outcomes of your work with people in pain.

What Providers access.

  1. The complete OPSM education facilitation package.
  1. Printable patient education book, and licence to distribute to patients.
  1. Printable educational handouts for your patients to reinforce pain education, and licence to distribute to patients.
    1. Recovery model
    2. Guidelines for moving in the face of pain
    3. Escape/Calm/Challenge
    4. Endless Sensitization
    5. Sensitization to Recovery.
  1. Downloadable MP3s of breath awareness and body awareness techniques, and licence to distribute to patients.
  1. An individual personal access code to Pain Care for Life – completing the curriculum yourself will increase success with your patients. (contact Neil for this access)
  1. Transcripts of three yoga practices.
  1. A prescription pad template for First 5 Steps and for Pain Care for Life.


Discounts on Request

OPSM powerpoint presentation (50%)

Personalized coupon for patients/clients to join Pain Care for Life ( 30%)

Pain Care products (30%)

Pain Care Yoga workshops (15%)

Plus two options:

  • to purchase a licence to use the Pain Care Yoga title for therapeutic yoga classes – if qualified.
  • to continue training in pain care through the Pain Care mentorship process at a reduced rate – if qualified.






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