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Finding Ways to Move with More Ease Will Help Reduce Persistent Pain

  • Movement itself can be an analgesic
  • Moving with ease is not simple or straight-forward
  • Moving with ease is not the answer to pain care, but part of the answer for most of us.

The First 5 Steps of Pain Care for Life will start you on your path towards making ‘moving with ease’ a reality.

Please consider these three statements.

  • Pain is changeable.
  • There IS hope for recovery.
  • People in pain who find ways to move or exercise with ease, add a highly effective technique to their pain care toolkit.

Moving with more ease isn’t just the goal, it is an integral aspect of your path towards successful pain care. Start with our First 5 Steps, or move right to the full Pain Care for Life curriculum as effective paths to recovery. Many people report less pain, better functional movement and improved quality of life.

"Combining pain science with practical application in yoga helped change how I approach my clients. The course gave me tangible tools to use immediately, in a format, that allowed me to choose how to approach each situation and client differently without the feeling that I have to practice yoga to help people in pain.

I think that increased pain education and the basic skills of breathing should be added to the current Canadian Physiotherapy curriculum."

Ryan Sleik MSc PT, MSc KIN, British Columbia, 2015

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