Pain-Care-Facilitator_btn_lrgPain Care Provider

~ an extensive suite of clinical tools to help with the care of your patients living with chronic pain.

~ bring clarity to patient education and instructions.

~ provide your patients with professional self care education and instruction.

As health professionals, we rarely have adequate time to educate and instruct our patients effectively.

Pain Care Provider – what you purchase

ambass (PNG) Pain Care Provider Testimonial

 “I have had incredible results using your evidenced-based resource to educate and empower my chronic pain patients.  

 After 18+ years as a practitioner, I have finally found a truly effective and inexpensive resource for people in pain — An absolute necessity for a busy practitioner who knows the importance of education and pain care instruction, but has limited time!

Thanks again for all your hard work developing these quality products.”


Melissa West BPE, RMT

Director, Change Your Pain Kamloops, 2015