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is a healthcare education and technology company. We support people living with chronic pain, as well as the health professionals, movement therapists and yoga teachers who help them.

Integrating pain science, the lived experience of pain, and mindful movement approaches, we offer courses, retreats, products, and online services while supporting the development of interactive communities to share new ideas and develop innovative evidence-based pain self care processes.

* Life Is Now Pain Care donates 10% of profits to pain research, and is committed to reinvesting profits into the creation of services and resources to improve pain care and the lives of those with chronic pain.

Spring Edition of BC Yoga Magazine features Neil

This issue is packed with information about yoga, wellness, proper diet and nutrition, places to hike and things to do when you’re not in the yoga studio, as well as many great yoga locations and events.

Click the image at left, or here, to download a PDF of BC Yoga Magazine, May 2017 (Spring Edition) and thanks for your interest!

Pain Care for Life

People in Pain ~ Pain Care for Life focuses on moving with more ease, while integrating pain science with skillfulness in keeping your body, breath and mind calm.

An essential educational and awareness package for those living with pain, Pain Care for Life offers guided practices (video and audio) and knowledge (ebooks and pdfs) that will make ease of movement successful for you and your goals of recovery.

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Pain Care Provider

Health Professionals ~ we rarely have adequate time to educate and instruct our patients.

Get Access to our complete packages and curricula, our videos, ebook, audio CDs and information posters to guide you to helping your patients to move with more ease and less pain – to living well again.

Pain Care Products

Pain self-management is a difficult skill to master. Life Is Now Pain Care products help increase your skills and your knowledge. Use them to find new ways you can move with more ease, to find more calmness, and more joy.

Take the time you need to learn the techniques. Practice, with guidance, as long as you need.We can ship you our CDs and DVDs; you can download and stream them as MP3s, movies and ebooks; and you can access them as long as you want online as part of the Pain Care packages.

Life Is Now Pain Care products are practical self-care solutions, guided by the successes of people in pain. They are intended for use with the guidance of your health professional. They will help you succeed outside your health care visits when you are practising at home, and when you don’t have easy access to one-one care.

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Pain Care Yoga

Pain Care Yoga is the integration of pain science, yoga, and an indepth understanding the lived experience of pain. The name Pain Care Yoga denotes the manner in which yoga can be practiced with the intention of addressing suffering in all levels of pain and injury. If you have chronic or persisting pain – look for the Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga offerings in the calendar.

Pain Care Yoga is also a continuing education training program for health professionals and yoga teachers, ranging from individual workshops to a multi-level training/mentoring process.

To access information on this unique pain care training –1. Pain Care Yoga licensing process summary and details 2017

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Pain Care Workshops

Life Is Now Pain Care offers unique pain science and pain management keynotes, seminars and workshops – for health professionals and for people in pain.

Each integrates current pain science with an understanding of the lived experience of pain, concluding with instructions in evidence-based and effective techniques to meet your needs ….  READ MORE

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Neil Pearson


  • about
    Neil Pearson is a skilled compassionate physical therapist, an engaging expert educator, and a leader in pain management in Canada.
    He is also an Adjunct Professor at UBC, yoga therapist, author, and faculty member in international yoga therapy training programs
  • credentials
    Neil Pearson, PT, MSc, BA-BPHE, CYT, ERYT500
    Neil attained his licence in Physical Therapy in 1985, and completed a research Master’s degrees in Rehabilitation Science in 1993.
    His initial university years focused on becoming a physical education teacher - BA-BPHE.
    Neil completed Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training in 2003, and integrates yoga therapy into his clinical work and teaching - CYT.
    Neil is an experienced yoga teacher - ERYT - focusing his classes on therapeutics, and guiding students to find ease in body, mind and heart.
    Neil’s education is never-ending, with patients and students being his most influential teachers.
  • publications
    - Yoga for People in Pain, chapter in Integrative Pain Management edited by Thompson & Brooks, Handspring Publishers Limited, due late 2015.
    - Pearson, N, Prosko, S. Overcome Pain, Live Well Again Level 2&3 DVDs. Self published 2014.
    - Pearson, N. Know Pain. Yoga Therapy Today, Summer, 2013. 14-16
  • awards
    2015 Distinguished Alumni Award
    - Queen’s University Physiotherapy Department
    2012 Excellence Pain Interprofessional Pain Education
    - Canadian Pain Society
    2010 Award of Excellence for Clinical Contribution
    - Physiotherapy Association of BC

Stories of Success

  • "I would definitely recommend the Pain Care Yoga course to any physio who works with clients who have pain and I am not a yoga teacher. This course changed my approach after 25 yrs of private orthopedic practice (and I've done a lot of courses).

    Neils's strategies are based in science and easy to explain to clients. The 5 part pain strategy, breathing and body scan techniques (just to name a few) can be implemented with clients on their first visit and make a difference in their rehab.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well the course flowed with a mixture of participants from yoga teachers, clients in pain, doctors and physios. Neil Pearson is a master!"

    Maureen, Physio in Bermuda, 2015
  • "Combining pain science with practical application in yoga helped change how I approach my clients. The course gave me tangible tools to use immediately, in a format, that allowed me to choose how to approach each situation and client differently without the feeling that I have to practice yoga to help people in pain.

    I think that increased pain education and the basic skills of breathing should be added to the current Canadian Physiotherapy curriculum."

    Ryan Sleik MSc PT, MSc KIN, British Columbia, 2015
  • "You don't know me, but you have really transformed things for me. I am a patient of an MD you know in Vancouver. I have neurogenic TOS and have been doing everything I can to manage my condition as I am a university professor, who prior to developing pain had an active life working, play violin, swimming and weightlifting. Due to pain I went from doing everything to nothing and have been eager to get back to a well-balanced something.

    While all my treatments have helped, I wanted to learn more about pain management. I came across your three-part webcast and I was transfixed. I feel I now understand more fully the role of my CNS in my pain and why my muscles keep tightening despite the fact that my body is not in danger.

    Prior to this I just could not understand why medical injections could have worked if it was not actual damage. In the last week, using what I have learned from you, my pain has dropped considerably and I feel far more in control. I have passed your webinar on to others and they have found it helpful as well."

    Sarah, Professor, British Columbia, 2014
  • "Please accept this letter as confirmation of the high quality of education provided by Neil Pearson. Neil is a gifted teacher, able to explain challenging concepts with a combination of humour and compassion. He is a role model for so many all over the world.

    Chronic pain is such a complex and difficult problem yet people leave Neil’s classes with a sense of optimism and hope. He truly inspires people to the possibility of less pain through changing their beliefs and changing their behaviours. To know that we can change what happens to us by attitude is a gift and he gives all who meet him that gift in an empathetic manner. Neil provides a unique experience for his students. I would highly recommend that anyone with chronic pain and anyone teaching Yoga to people with chronic pain learn from him. It will be a life changing opportunity for sure.

    Having been a witness to Neil’s wonderful work and crystal clear method of teaching and motivation, I highly recommend him as a truly humane being. Yours in yoga."

    Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, May 2009
  • "Our small GP clinic has had great success with patients attending a Chronic Pain Group Medical Visit (GMV) with a Physiotherapist who is experienced in treating Chronic Pain and their GP. We all learned a lot about Chronic Pain, about living with it, about different ways of understanding chronic pain and about what we can do to reduce suffering. It is easily one of the best therapeutic and most satisfying, professionally rewarding interactions I have had with these patients. It can take a leap of faith to try do a Chronic Pain GMV but it can have a remarkable impact on everyone who attends and I highly recommend taking that leap.

    It starts a dialogue, it allows people to begin to understand what pain is, how it can be understood, managed, and improved. We learned a great deal from each other, professionally, as caregivers, and as people living with chronic pain. It has been remarkable over the subsequent year since starting these GMVs that the usual course of chronic pain care has morphed from battles over opiate use, the sometimes intolerable side effects of marginally helpful adjunctive meds, to one of discussing and pursuing other options for dramatic change. And group members can see that they are not alone in their suffering and struggles, and not alone in searching for improvement and they love hearing the many successes that have occurred within the groups."

    Dr. Jeff Harries, GP, Penticton, B.C. 2014

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