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Pain Care for Life Package

$90 ( $15/month for 6 months)

With the Pain Care for Life Membership, you will enable access to a wealth of knowledge, guided practices and expert approach that is proven to help you reduce your pain and move towards living well again. This is a guided journey through The Recovery Model including: Knowledge, Breathing, Awareness, Challenging Your Body, Resetting Your Nervous System and Planning for Living Well Again. Guided video exercises, electronic books, audio lessons, interactive & fun ways to learn about your pain are all included to help you towards living well again. This approach, created by an award winning PT and professor, is intended as a 6 month approach guide to finding new ways to move with more ease, reduce your pain and to living well again.

If you need help using these tools, please contact us. We will be happy to connect you to a local, trained health professional with the skills needed to support you.

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Here is a list of lessons and topics included in your package:

Course Content

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1. Introduction to Pain Care for Life


2. Knowledge


3. Breathing


4. Awareness and Self Regulation


5. Challenge Your Body


6. Reset Nervous Systems


7. Planning


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